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Frequently Asked Questions

What separates you from other builders?2018-04-21T19:49:21+00:00

​The Clemens Companies team is very one-one with our customers throughout the entire process of the build. The Project Manager and Operations Manager are in constant contact to help guide the customers through their selections and answer any questions they have during the process. We want the customer to know what is happening with their build at all times.

How do customers pick out selections for their home?2018-03-29T16:33:21+00:00

Customers are never left in the dark when it comes to picking out their selections. The Operations Manager will be with the customer as much as or as little as they would like during this process. Previous customers have found it helpful as the Operations Manager will help keep you within budget and help you achieve the look you want in your home.

What’s construction time?2018-03-29T16:32:10+00:00

​Construction time begins once the blueprint stage ends. During the blueprint stage the customers will work with their Project Manager to achieve the ideal floorpan for the customer; this stage typically lasts 4-6 weeks. Construction time typically lasts 6 months, weather depending.

How do I find a lot?2018-03-29T16:30:10+00:00

​Clemens Companies has a land development in house called Clemens Development. Clemens Development currently has lots in Highview Terrace (Bellbrook), Arlington Place (Beavercreek), and Saddlecreek (Centerville). If you don’t find a lot in one of those neighborhoods, we will build in any plat where other builders are allowed. The Project Manager will meet you out at lots and walk them with the customer so any questions they may have in regards to the lot can be answered.

Are there hidden fees at the end?2018-03-29T16:28:35+00:00

​There are no hidden fees when you build with Clemens Companies. Before building begins the customer will meet with the Project Manager to go over wants and needs of their future home. The Project Manager at this time will get rough costs together from our suppliers and do an allowance breakdown for selections. Once these estimates come back the Project Manager will contact the potential customer to discuss. The customer will know the total cost of the home prior to breaking ground and the only time there would be additional costs is if there’s an upgrade made while picking out selections.