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We Make The Home Building Process Easy

Clemens Companies Custom Home Builders doesn’t have a set home building process because each customers custom home experience varies based on their wants and needs. However, there are general phases of the building process that our customers go through on the way to building their custom luxury dream home.

Our team remains in constant contact with our customers during the home building process from the beginning of lot selection process, to design, until the completion of their home. Contact is important to us as we want to ensure the customer that their custom home is the home they dreamt of. Our goal is to make the build a smooth and fun process that our customers will enjoy.

The First Meeting

The first step in building your custom home begins with a sit down meeting with a Clemens Companies home builder. We can help you begin to design the luxury home of your dreams. Beginning the process be choosing color schemes, details such as Amish built cabinetry, granite countertops, wood floors, entertainment rooms, green energy systems and more. We’ll work through every option available to you, costs and any other information you may need to begin building your custom built luxury home.

Home Building Process - The First Meeting

Designing Your Home With Creativity First

At Clemens Companies Custom Home Builders, creativity and a firm understanding of design principals help guide us, as well as our customers through the home building process. Our award-winning builders not only draw upon our 30+ years of experience in the luxury home building business, but additionally, we stay abreast of all the latest home and building design developments in order to help you build the custom luxury home of your dreams.

Contracts and Financing

Whether you are working with your own finance team, or with one of Clemens Companies recommended financing partners, we’ll do everything to help facilitate your custom home building process. Clemens has a number of trusted and reliable partners to help you realize the home of your visions.

Final Plans & Obtaining Permits

During the final planning phase, we’ll finalize the home design and plans, and begin the process of obtaining permits for your custom built home. Clemens Companies home building team has decades of experience in obtaining the proper building permits, and we work to make the process easy for our customers.

Customer Communication

Once plans have been made, and permits have been obtained, this is the phase of the home construction process just before physical construction begins. Any final changes to details are made at this point, and Clemens Companies sets up a line of communication with our customers so that they can follow the building process and stay informed of any and all work on and offline. We are completely transparent in our building process because our customers deserve nothing less.

Selection Manager Guides Clients Through Selection Process

New Home Construction Begins

Once the custom designs have been finalized and all necessary permits have been obtained, construction begins. Clemens Companies home building crews and partners will be in and out working and completing work on everything from land clearing, pouring concrete foundations, framing, finishing and all the way to construction completion.

Ready To Begin Building Your Custom Luxury Home?

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