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Amish Craftsmanship

Clemens Custom Builders Use Amish Craftsmanship

Amish craftsmanship and woodworking has a reputation as the best. The Amish come from a long line of traditional craftsmen in the United States. Our team knows that our customers seek the best, and that’s why we use Amish built woodworking in many of our projects.

Each piece of Amish woodwork, whether it be custom cabinetry, or Amish framing, is made by hand. Amish craftsmen  put everything  into building homes and home features that are the best.

Amish craftsmanship focuses on functionality, durability and high quality

Amish craftsmen pay close attention into selecting  hardwoods, particularly in the grain patterns and strength of the wood. This adds strength and beauty to their work. The result is quality woodwork, meant to last for generations.

At Clemens Companies, we choose Amish craftsmen whose focus is quality and durability that matches our customers’ expectations.

We trust that the quality of Amish craftsmanship will be evident in the beauty, durability, and functionality of any home we build.